Stretch ceiling

Barrisol® is the world’s leader for stretch ceilings. With over 40 years’ experience and more than 30 awards for its capacity to constantly innovate and create aesthetical and quality products,  the company can provide a perfect modern or traditional finish to decorate, renovate and embellish any type of interior space. Thanks to their multitude of solutions that combine technique, performance and aesthetics, Barrisol’s® products are guaranteed to transform any living or business environment into a stylish and renewed space.

The ceilings are custom made and can be personalised to suit your own unique designs or prints and the lightweight Barrisol® stretch ceilings are 100% recyclable. As a distributor of Barrisol® stretch ceilings, our trained technicians can advise you on what designs and products would be best suited and can be fitted with minimal distractions to your routines. . By utilizing the full Barrisol membrane range and solutions, almost everything is possible. The advantage of Barrisol® solutions and their continuous innovative products make Barrisol® the perfect choice.

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